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Museu Marítim de Barcelona
Sala Marqués Comillas
Av. de les Drassanes s/n, 08001 Barcelona
access across P. Blanquerna – C/ del Portal de Santa Madrona
Friday 4/03 from 11h to 23h
Saturday 5/03 from 11h to 23h
Sunday 6/03 from 11h to 21h


The Barcelona Maritime Museum is an institution dedicated to the maritime culture with over 80 years of history. It is located in the building of the Drassanes Reials (traduced Royal Shipyards), on the city’s seafront at the foot of Montjuïc mountain.

The Drassanes were cataloged in 1976 as a Historic-Artistic Monument for its historical importance in shipbuilding. In 2006, the Barcelona Maritime Museum was declared National Interest Museum.

Entrance: 7€ (glass, booklet and 2 coins)
Cost of the coins: 1€

How does it work?

The Festival has its own glass and coins that you can purchase in the sell points. You will be served only in the Festival glass and you can only pay in Festival coins. The entrance to the Festival includes the glass, the booklet and the first two coins. Not all beers has the same price, it depends on the production costs for each beer. There is a large bar with 60 taps where all the different 300 beers rotate.

Due to the fact that likes and interests of everyone are unpredictable, we can't assure when a certain beer is going to come up. But we’ll make an effort to have an equilibrium of styles, origins and interests at all times.

The booklet

The Festival issues a booklet so that you don't miss anything. 108 pages in full colour where you can find how the Festival works, articles about the world of craft beer, reviews of all beers present in the Festival and bars and specialty shops dedicated to take care of craft beer.


Throughout the facilities you'll find a group of volunteers identified, eager to tell you how the Festival works, what is craft beer and recommendations as to what beer to drink according to your own preferences and likes. Don't hesitate to ask, they're extremely glad to spread the culture of craft beer.


We understand beer as a gastronomic product and the Festival is a platform where you can taste the newer beers and unknown styles; it's not a place to drink in large quantities. Thus we ask of you to drink responsibly so that you can appreciate what you're tasting. The management can refuse to serve drinks to anyone who is a danger to himself or others.

Underground: Drassanes (L3)
Buses: Consult TMB
Bicycle: numerous parkings in the vecinities of the Museu Maritim, as well as Bicing stations 50, 56, 57, 114, 361, 410 and 425.

Access and Transportation

The facilities have wheelchair access points.

Use public transportation to get to the Festival. If you want to use your own private means of transportation, take into consideration that it's a hard place to park at all times although you can pay for parking. Anyway, it's not a good idea to taste beer and then drive home.


The capacity is limited due to safety and quality of service reasons. It's possible that cues are going to occur at certain hours. We recommend you to come early in the morning, a time of day proven to be quiet and enjoyable. During the Festival we'll update regularly via facebook and twitter.

Beer for coeliacs:

Obviously, there'll be beer for coeliacs. It will always be in the same tap, duly noted. By the way, it's not a beer exclusively for coeliacs. Anyone that tastes it will enjoy it because it's awesome.

Beer with no alcohol:

There will be a permanent tap with quality non alcoholic beer, that does not clash with the level of the rest of the beers. Specially selected for all those who have medical issues or have to drive home safely.

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