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Music - Say it Craft

Imatge representativa del say it craft amb al·lots negres ballant

Say it craft! Música negra al BBF

This year the area outside the Barcelona Beer Festival will host “Say it Craft”, a space where visitors will be able to enjoy listening to vinyl records, and will feature a seating area and, just for the occasion, a specially invited unpasteurized beer, the Urquell Tanková.

Combining these elements, the festival is looking to expand to outdoor spaces and find a counterpoint between beer, music and relaxed conversation.

That is why the Say it Loud collective will be behind the decks, playing music on vinyl, in analogue format, inviting different DJs from across the city, many of them linked to black music in one form or another (musicians, promoters, activists, etc.). The programme (1pm to 8pm) is:

  • Satuday
  • Dj DiegoArmando (BankRobber)
  • Lalo Lopez (Nacion Funk)
  • Ebu Blasi (Ponent Roots)
  • Sunday
  • Niño (Galleta Records)
  • The Rigodonians
  • Abel Galleta (Galleta Records)

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Thanks to a collaboration with Pilsner Urquell, it will be a great privilege to have the Pilsner Urquell Tankovna beer available in the outdoor area outside the festival, expressly brought to the BBF from Pilsen (Czech Rep) in a 500 litre tank. The beer only has a three-week shelf life from the time it leaves the factory, so we can be sure of its freshness and splendour. But who who can describe it better than its brewmaster, Vaclav Berka: “the beer is at its best in the factory cellars. This is where it is coolest and where the best possible flavour can be enjoyed. But, as not everyone can come to Pilsen, we have created Tankovna, our tank beer, fresh and unpasteurized." A gem from the history of brewing (the first ever Pilsner was created in 1842) which comes in its freshest form.

In this way the BBF becomes not only a space where you can taste craft beer, but a place to rediscover tunes from previous decades in their original formats.

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