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Pack BBF 2016

Festival is promoting every year an special and limited edition pack of 4 bottled beers. Each of these represent one of the basic raw materials of beer (water, malt, hop and yeast) making this ingredient stand out above the rest, so the individual raw materials that form the beer can be appreciated separately, helping those drinking the beer understand what each of the individual ingredients brings to the product.


For the third consecutive year we’ve brewed in collaboration with 4 local breweries, a 500 limited edition beer pack, which contains 4 different beers. The general idea is the same that lasts years:

  • - It is the only bottled format present in the festival, and the only one you can buy and take home with you. It’s been designed with an educational motivation and the desire to spread the culture of beer. You will find them on the festival shop.
  • - Each one of the beers represents one of the basic raw materials needed to make beer (water, malt, hop and yeast), highlighting one at a time over the other ingredients, so that you can appreciate each one separately and learn what each one brings to the table.
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The design of the beer labels is a delicious work of Jordi Matosas.

The breweries in charge, along with the management of the BBF, of defining and assembling these limited editions are the following:

etiqueta aigua


Representing the element of Water.

Gose style where dominates some acidity due to Lactobacillus and water saltiness. Brewed with malted wheat and pils and "softly" hopped with noble hop Saaz. The result is a very refreshing and light beer.


Representing the element of Malt.

Complex beer with hints of smoked wood and ash, where dominates a high smoked sensation in mouth and easy to drink. Dark intense copper colour , light body and a final sweetness.


Representing the element of Hop.

Orange-coloured with a white and persistent creamy head. Nose is tropical fruits as passionfruit and papaya. Mouth is highly bitter which disappears quickly to make way for fruity notes and sweetness from malt.


Representing the element of Yeast.

Inspired by the classic Bavarian "hefeweizen" beer style: "hefe" means "with yeast". As such, it offers a typically phenolic aroma of banana and clove, and is slightly turbid because it is unfiltered. We also added a little "something extra". Can you identify it?

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